Tambor Conservation Jungle Estate Property For Sale

Size: 330 Hectares

Status: Untitled

Price: $4 mil

Presenting an exceptional property for sale:

Captivating The Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is recognized as a 'Blue Zone', one of only five areas worldwide with this distinction.

The Tambor valley, surrounded by verdant forested hills, forms part of the Biological corridor of the Nicoya Peninsula.

To the north of Tambor Bay, the 'Curu Wildlife Refuge' protects diverse ecological habitats and abundant wildlife. Adjacent to it are the Islas Tortugas, an idyllic tropical island paradise accessible through boat tours.

This remarkable property is located directly behind the prestigious 'Hotel Playa Tambor' and its adjacent Tambor Airport (TMU). Sprawling across an impressive 330 hectares, this jungle estate boasts a diverse landscape that encompasses pristine primary forest, rolling pastures, and scenic hills and borders a public road.

Prepare to be enchanted as you ascend to the 'Mirador,' a pinnacle of serenity, situated atop the highest point in the region, where 150 of the 330 hectares boast awe-inspiring vistas of the ocean and panoramic views that stretch across the entire southern peninsula and the mesmerizing gulf leading to Puntarenas.

330 hectares of diverse landscape

Breathtaking panoramic views

Borders a public road

An Oasis of Natural Wonders: Majestic Waterfalls, Rivers, and Springs Await

Nature enthusiasts will revel in the abundance of natural wonders found within this property. A meandering river and numerous babbling brooks grace the terrain, complemented by the presence of several freshwater mountain springs and approximately six picturesque waterfalls. The crown jewel among them is a majestic 150-meter waterfall, a sight to behold.

Majestic 150 meter waterfall

An abundance of natural wonders

Fresh mountain springs & 6 picturesque waterfalls

Flourishing Documented EcoSystem

Whether you gaze towards the mesmerizing ocean or cast your eyes upon the picturesque valley, both awe-inspiring views will captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in a flourishing ecosystem teeming with vibrant flora, diverse wildlife, and an astonishing variety of avian residents, with 140 different species of birds gracing the skies above.

Delight in the fluttering beauty of 40 species of butterflies, as well as the enchantment of orchids, precious woods, and a hectare of thriving teak trees. A comprehensive inventory of the property's natural treasures has been meticulously documented for your reference.

Vibrant flora and diverse wildlife

Meticulously documented inventory of the property's natural treasures

Access to Nature and Convenience

This remarkable estate not only offers a sanctuary of natural beauty but also convenient access to an array of amenities.

Within a mere 15-minute drive, you'll discover an array of conveniences, including a tranquil beach, a local airstrip, and the esteemed 'Hotel Playa Tambor,' renowned for its exceptional services and two resident doctors available around the clock.

Additionally, the vibrant town of Cobano, replete with essential facilities such as banks, pharmacies, health clinic, supermarkets, awaits just 25 minutes away.

Vibrant town of Cobano just 25 minutes away

Local airstrip within a 15-minute drive

Tranquil beach within a 15-minute drive

Foundations of a Sustainable Eco-Tourism Haven

Considerable groundwork has already been undertaken to ensure the property's readiness for development. Notable achievements include curvas de nivel (contour lines) and comprehensive geological studies, guaranteeing a solid foundation for future endeavors. Furthermore, an exhaustive inventory detailing the rich flora and fauna, encompassing mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as a list of common forest trees, has been thoughtfully compiled.

Presenting an 84-page pre-development document crafted by dedicated professionals who explored the property extensively, unveiling a world of possibilities for sustainable eco-tourism projects. This comprehensive document encompasses various facets, such as eco-sanitation for the efficient treatment of residual waters and solid waste management, meticulously planned residential and recreational areas with robust power supply and communication options, sustainable agricultural development initiatives, utilization and preservation of biodiversity, organic fertilizer production, designated absolute protection areas, hydroponic crop cultivation, a stable cattle project, and a comprehensive market study tailored to the hotel industry.

Curvas de nivel (contour lines) and comprehensive geological studies completed

Unveiling possibilities for sustainable eco-tourism projects

Expansive Estate Showcases Stunning Landscape

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